Besos Jewelry by Amber is fashionable and functional jewelry infused with love, positivity, and reiki energy.

Growing up around crystals, I was always fascinated by their amazing array of colors, their sparkle, shine, and texture, and more importantly, their loving and inspiring healing energy and vibration. Stuffing them in my pockets or my hand bags or sprinkling them around the house was great but I wanted a more practical way (and less face it, a lighter way... they are heavy!) of having their energy with me at all times...

...Long story short, that's how Besos Jewelry by Amber was started! Making pieces that are fashionable, yet functional (I personally love to wear my healing crystals) at the same time is probably my favorite part of creating each and every piece! Each bracelet features an aesthetically pleasing combination of natural round wood beads, faceted and/or smooth genuine healing gemstone beads, and/or sterling silver charms and accents.

I make each unique piece to order and I infuse them with loving, positive, and healing reiki energy.

∙◇ I recommend cleansing your gemstones (bracelets) as often as you feel is necessary to remove any and all unwanted energies they might have picked up. They need to be cleansed because gemstones absorb negative energy, which we do not want to be carrying around. ~~Besos bracelets can be easily cleansed by giving them a moonlight soak (full moon is the best), putting them in a pouch or on top of a piece of carnelian, quartz or selenite (which cleanse themselves and other stones), a salt water bath (either at home solution or even better, ocean water), and/or sage. ◇∙

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my shop! :) I hope you enjoy the loving and healing energy I put into each and every piece!


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